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"Nina Menkes' Nocturnes: Dead Times, Sororal Dreams"

Cinematic Sorceress: The Films of Nina Menkes 

Arbelos Blu-Ray Limited Edition, liner essay

January 2023


"Who's afraid of Doris Wishman?" 


September 12 2022

"weary of the screen: Lucy Clout's nocturnal thinking"

LUX Moving Image, exhibition essay 

July 12 2022

"Portals of Deliquescence" 

Second Run DVD, Luminous Procuress DVD liner essay
May 30 2022 

"Regions of Eccentricity: Penny Allen's Property (1978)"

& director Q&A 

Architecture on Film, Architecture Foundation, London, programme notes, March 14 2022.

"Adoption: Wayward Faces"

The Criterion Collection, Adoption DVD/Bluray liner essay

March 2022.

"Inland Empire by Melissa Anderson" 

Sight & Sound March 2022 (print), 103.

On Eyes of Laura Mars, "Fatal Attraction: Women on the Serial Killer Films that Thrill Them"

Criterion Channel: The Current 

17 November 2021.

"The Last Things Before the Last" 

The Liberated Film Club

ed. Stanley Schtinter, w. Dominic Jaeckle + Jon Auman

London: Tenement Press, 2021, 321-30.


Frames of Representation Festival 2020: Spectatorship 

Institute of Contemporary Arts London

27 November 2020.

"Against Lists"

Another Gaze, November 29 2019.

-Reprint in Spanish, La Rabia Cine, Dossier No. 5., trans. La Rabia Cine Collective, December 2022.

-Recording of 9 year old girl reading text, part of Important Books, (Or Manifestos Read by Children) project, Whitechapel Gallery, October 2021.

-Restaged as spatial intervention on a billboard by CineCollective at Kaleidoskop Film Festival in Karlsplatz, Vienna, June 30 2020.

-Reprint in Spanish, Girls At Film, trans. Rosalba Mackenzie. 

-Reprint in Turkish, Eskop, trans. Ipek Gurkan.

-Reprint in Russian, "Против списков", trans. Dmitry Frolov., December 19 2019.  

"Kira Muratova's Searing World"

catalogue essay, Berwick Film & Media Arts Festival,

Berwick-upon-Tweed, UK. September 2019. 

Republished in revised form for Kira Muratova season, 

Close-Up Film Centre, London, UK October 2019. 

Polyester: The Perils of Francine

The Criterion Collection, Polyester DVD/Bluray release essay,

September 2019.

The Meeting of Two Queens: Doris Wishman and Peggy Ahwesh

Cinema Scope 79, Summer 2019. 27-29.

"'To extend into the beyond': On Tsai Ming-liang's Late Digital Style"

Sight & Sound April 19, 2019.  

Madeline’s Madeline  

Sight & Sound, May 2019. 66-67.

"International Film Festival Rotterdam" 

Art Monthly No. 425. April 2019, 40-41.

“Recalcitrant Objects, Carnal Subjects: On the Cinema of Nazli Dincel”

Programme Notes 

Vertical Features, Toronto, Canada. February 12, 2019. 

"Wide Angle: Always Here (on Sky Hopinka)

Sight & Sound, February 2019. 18.


Berwick Film and Media Art Festival 2018 

Art Monthly. No. 421, November 2018. 32-33.

In Praise of Nothing 

Sight & Sound, October 2018. 62.


Wanda, Loden, Lodestone”  

Programme notes,  The Machine that Kills Bad People cineclub screening 1: Wanda

Institute of Contemporary Arts London, May 1, 2018. 

-Reprint in translation in Danish, in Balthasar,

Volume 2, October 2018, print & online. ]

“Somnolent Screens” (on sleep and cinema)

Sight & Sound, Vol. 28, no. 6, June 2018. 14-15.



Sight & Sound, May 2018, 82-83. print & online.


A Taste of Flesh (on sexploitation cinema)

Sight & Sound. November 2017. 18-19.


Getting it Done (on Kevin Jerome Everson)

Sight & Sound, October 2017. 16-17.

Republished online as "Blackness, Labour & Place: The Radical Cinema of Kevin Jerome Everson," Sight & Sound, 13 November 2020.

Rainer Werner Fassbinder: The Victim and the Victimiser

Sight & Sound,  May 2017. 26.


“At the End of Cinema, This Thing Called Film”                              Curator's Programme Notes, 

Light Spill by Sandra Gibson & Luis Recoder

UWM Art History Gallery, January 27-February 10, 2011. (np)

-Reprint in LOLA, Issue 1 (Aug 2011);  

-Reprint in Italian, “Alla Fine Del Cinema, Questa Cosa Chimata Film” trans. Alessandro Stellino, FILMIDEE, No. 3 (Fall 2011),

Solitary Particles: The Wayward Cloud  

Electric Sheep (Spring 2009). 27-29.

Cult Film, or Cinephilia by Any Other Name

Cineaste Vol. 34, No. 1, (Winter 2008). 33-38.


“Between Flesh and Hardware”

with Nancy Nowacek 

in ed. Steven Heller,

Sex Appeal: The Art and Allure of Graphic Design.

New York: Allworth Press, 2000.


“Geek Chic: How Nerds Stole the Idea of Fashion”

Merge, No.3, December 1998.

“Technologies of Undressing: The Digital Paper Dolls of KISS”

with Eric Zimmerman

ZED  No. 5 (September 1998.) 26-37.

Originally published as “Kiss & Tell,”

with Eric Zimmerman,

21C, Issue No.1, Winter 1997;

-Reprint in Sex Appeal: The Art and Allure of Graphic Design,

ed. Steven Heller. New York: Allworth Press, 2000.

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