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"Cinema, the Soporific: Between Exhaustion & Eros"

Siegfried Kracauer Lecture in Media Theory,

Goethe Universitat- Frankfurt, December 2017.


commentaries & intros

interview on Kira Muratova, DVD extra

Brief Encounters & The Long Farewell

Studio Canal DVD releases, September 2023.

video introduction of Marta Meszaros' Adoption (1975),

Indiana University Cinema

September 2022.


on Lewd Looks, The Porno Cultures Podcast,

with Brandon Arroyo 

June 2019.


on “Sex and the Materiality of Adult Media”

special edited issue, Feminist Media Histories podcast,

issue editor conversation with Shelley Stamp 

April 8, 2019.


on cinephilia, Peggy Ahwesh's The Color of Love, &

Lewd Looks  

The Cinephiliacs podcast, with Peter Labuza,  

June 2019.


on Lewd LooksLake Effect,

Milwaukee, WUWM radio interview

with Audrey Nowakowski

October 2017


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